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Anuradhapura, the very first capital (3rd BC -10th AD) of ancient Sri Lanka, established in 380 BC by a minister of King Pandukhabaya by the name of Anuradha, on the banks of River Malwatu Oya, was once the greatest monastic city of the world. Today, Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage is home to preserved ruins, renovated Buddhist monuments and massive rainwater reservoirs. Its renovated ancient rainwater reservoirs continue to supply water for the irrigation of the agricultural district as it did during its glorious era. Sri Lanka's prime attraction of the local pilgrims as well as the foreign tourists,Anuradhapura is the most adored living heritage city of Sinhalese Buddhists of Sri Lanka.

The old city isn't a dead city cluttered with ruins. Some of the Sinhalese Buddhist cultural attractions are living pilgrimage sites with colossal living monuments. Rehabilitated ancient rainwater reservoirs irrigate whole agricultural district of Anuradhapura. The old city is in fact the supreme cultural site of awesome dynamism. So vast is the area of Old city where the renovated monuments and ruins are located, it is easy to get confused and desperate in ideas on how best to go about exploring the site. The time tested method is to get a hang of the three great monasteries that flourished during the glorious era of Anuradhapura: Mahavihara monstery;Jetavana Monastery; Abhayagiri monastery.

The main attractions at Anuradhapura
Among the main attractions are Sri Maha Bodhi Tree, The Brazen Palace, glorious Ruvanvalisaya dagoba stupa, Thuparama stupa, The Archeological Museum and Folk Museum, Jetavana dagoba stupa, Jetavana Museum, The Citadel, Abhayagiri dagoba stupa, Samadhi Buddha statue, Kuttam pokuna twin ponds and Isuruminiya Vihara temple.

Other attractions within 15 minutes reach

• Doramadalawa – 5 km from the hotel

• Ancient temple - Gale pansala

Within one hour drive
Sigiriya – one hour Dambulla – 45 minutes Wilpattu National Park – one hour drive
Other destinations
Trincomalee – 2 hours drive
Kandy – 2 and half hours drive